The Cobalt Adventure

Creator(s): Cobalt Heritage Silver Trail

In the early 1900s, silver was discovered in northern Ontario, leading to the explosive birth of Cobalt, one of Canada's last frontier towns. As adventurers and investors from the far reaches of the globe poured into the small mining camp, issues of poverty, public health and labour unrest competed with the more glamorous stories of fabulous wealth.

The Cobalt Adventure exhibit explores this exciting era through an interactive game in which players can enjoy a theatrical, role-playing experience that brings to life this dynamic period in Canadian history. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to experience the dramas of the early Cobalt camp through the eyes of a struggling nurse, a hard-working prospector and an adventurous greenhorn. Players will have to make hard decisions for these three engaging characters in this choose-your own-adventure style game, some leading to fame and fortune, others to tragedy. The exhibit also provides an extensive gallery of historic photographs as well as thought-provoking background information and curriculum.

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