The Craigflower Sesquicentenary

Creator(s): Craigflower Manor and Schoolhouse

Celebrating 150 Years of History at Craigflower Manor, Victoria, British Columbia

Craigflower Manor in Victoria, British Columbia, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2006. This Community Memories exhibit commemorates the event by tracing its history from the millennia long before contact between the First Nations peoples and the Europeans right up until today. It explores how in the 1850s the Puget's Sound Agricultural Company, an offshoot of the Hudson's Bay Company, settled Scottish farmers and set up a village in the area and how, by the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tenant farmers were leasing the land.

The exhibition then follows the site as it became a Hudson's Bay Company clubhouse, a camp for poor girls during the Great Depression, a motel, a drive-in restaurant, and a private residence. It explains how the manor was restored in the late 1960s and established as a national historic site and concludes with the milestone sesquicentennial year of 2006.

Craigflower, today under the stewardship of The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, stands stalwart as a legacy to current and future generations of Canadians.

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