The Daniel Dodge Tragedy

Creator(s): Old Mill Heritage Centre

The Daniel Dodge Tragedy Exhibit is a compilation of pictures and video collected about the life and death of Daniel Dodge. Daniel's father John Dodge was the co-founder the Dodge Motor Company in Detroit. After passing away in the 1920s, his widow sold the business for $146,000,000 and the fortune was divided among the family.

Daniel was an adventurer and liked the outdoors, which is what brought him from Detroit to Maple Point near Kagawong, Ontario on Manitoulin Island in Canada. In 1936, nineteen year old Daniel met and fell in love with a girl from the neighbouring town of Gore Bay, Ontario.

Thirteen days after their wedding, 21 year old Daniel was dead. Daniel and a caretaker were playing with some old dynamite when it went off, injuring himself, the caretaker, an assistant caretaker and his new bride. The group got in a speedboat with another camp helper and headed for Little Current for medical attention. Somewhere between Kagawong and Little Current, Daniel fell or jumped overboard and drowned.

Daniel's bride of 13 days inherited between $1.25 and $2.5 million, fuelling speculation over the years that his death occurred under suspicious circumstances. However, no conclusive evidence was ever presented.

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