The Hubbard Expeditions

Creator(s): Labrador Heritage Society

In 1903, Leonidas Hubbard, a reporter from New York, came to Labrador to do an expedition for a magazine for which he was working at the time. He wanted to travel where no White man had ever gone before. Starting in North West River, he wanted to go to Fort Chimo (now Kuujjuaq). He brought a partner, Dillion Wallace, and a guide from Hudson Bay, George Elson. He did not listen to the advice of the local people. His fatal mistake was made at the beginning of the trip when they took the wrong river. Leonidas himself starved to death before making it back to North West River. In 1905, both Mina Hubbard, the window of Leonidas, and Dillion Wallace, the partner of Leonidas in the first trip, decided to try to complete this expedition. This exhibit retraces those expeditions.

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