The Human Side of Lake Saint-Pierre

Creator(s): Biophare

Recognized in 2000 as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the Lac-Saint-Pierre region is known for the exceptional features of its natural environments and for the importance of its human ownership. Thanks to 360-degree panoramic photographs, you can dive right into the centre of the rich and varied environments of this lake and explore the industries, marshes, swamps, agricultural land base, the Saint-Lawrence and other rivers to better appreciate the multitude of human activities carried on there. Discover the significance of this strategic location in Canada's history through photographs of over thirty artifacts. Take notice of the innovative approaches proposed by several stakeholders to live and work in harmony with nature, respecting sustainable development principles. Gaze at this multifaceted environment, illustrated through over 300 photographs, and meet the humans who live there, courtesy of video interviews.

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