The Japanese Canadian Pioneers of Lake Country, British Columbia. 1899 - 1939

Creator(s): Lake Country Museum

This is a story about courage - a look at the lives of the Japanese Canadian pioneers, who, from 1899 through the 1930s, were some of the first settlers in the District of Lake Country, BC. The following virtual exhibition portrays their arrival, experiences, hardships, and above all the quiet dignity and perseverance with which they met the challenges of a new land. Their stories are told by their children and grandchildren, and through the collections of the Lake Country Museum and Archives.

The Japanese community in Lake Country

The Japanese community in Lake Country was established in the early 1900s, as workers came to the Okanagan to plant new orchards. These pioneers often arrived from other areas of British Columbia, and were young single men intending to work in Canada for a few years and then return to Japan. Once established, many of these young pioneers returned to Japan to marry and to bring their new wives back to the Okanagan. The story of these early pioneers, and their courage in meeting the daily challenges of life in a new land, is an important part of our history.

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