The Raven's Call / L'Appel de Corbeau

Creator(s): Bill Reid Foundation

"The Raven's Call" is the most comprehensive website dedicated to the life and work of Bill Reid, one of Canada's greatest artists. The site features a gallery of over 200 of Reid's works in a variety of media from jewelry to prints and sculptures from the Bill Reid Foundation collection and more than 50 partner institutions and private collections.

Visitors can view Haida author and artist Mike Nicoll Yahgulanaas' animation of a short story by Bill Reid that both Reid and Yahgulanaas left open-ended, and then upload their own story endings to the site.

Original essays by Dr. Martine Reid, who curated the project, focus on Reid's life and exploration of his identity through Haida art. The gallery, animation and photobiography offer a feast for the eyes. Combined with multimedia clips of Reid and his contemporaries along with full lesson plans, they create a rich context for Reid's remarkable personal and creative journey.

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