The Reford Gardens - 50 years of Shared Beauty

Creator(s): Reford Gardens

The gates to Reford Gardens first opened to the public 50 years ago. To mark the occasion, Reford Gardens is reaching back to its roots through an exhibit that tells the story of these vast grounds once dedicated to salmon fishing and now among North America's most beautiful gardens.

Elsie Reford, a remarkable horticulturalist

It all began in 1887 with the construction of Estevan Lodge, commissioned by George Stephen, founding president of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Built of Douglas fir, the residence was left to Mr. Stephen's niece, Elsie Reford, in 1918. With her remarkable energy, she set about transforming the unkempt natural terrain into a magnificent garden landscape. So determined was she that she even managed to coax the famous Himalayan blue poppy into growing there.

Visited by over five million people since 1962, Reford Gardens remains a source of inspiration for countless amateur horticulturalists. See for yourself by exploring the exhibit entitled Reford Gardens: 50 Years of Shared Beauty.

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