The Shawville-Clarendon-Thorne Historical Record Project, 1973

Creator(s): Pontiac Historical Museum

In 1972, a group of young people undertook to create a record of the life stories and reminiscences of elderly folk in the central Pontiac region. They enlisted the cooperation of residents from around the area, and interviewed and photographed them at their homes. These entries represent a glimpse of the record that was created; young people asking older folks to tell about their childhood memories, and reaching back to tales that had been passed down to them as children.

Audio Recordings at the Pontiac Archives

The delicate cassette recordings are now being digitized, to carry this record a generation further in time. Included in this exhibit are brief excerpts from the audio recordings, summaries or transcriptions of what was said, and photos of the interviewees. The full-length recordings at full resolution will be on file for listening at the Pontiac Archives in Shawville, Quebec.

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