The Story of Ruth: The Watercolour Journals of Arthur Adair Brooke

Creator(s): R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum

Time stood still when Arthur Adair Brooke's watercolours were offered to a small community museum in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. The Salmon Arm Museum was being offered a priceless gift.

The collection span a period of time, documenting rural life in the Mt. Ida District of "the Valley" near Salmon Arm, and show baby Ruth - daughter of Annie Florence and Arthur Adair Brooke - growing up in a farming community. Described by artists and archivists as a remarkable treasure, the collection is a significant record of time and place, a commentary on social history, and a virtual window into the early settlement history of western Canada.

The following images are part of a collection of watercolours entrusted to the Salmon Arm Museum and represent a small fraction of Brooke's life's work.

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