The "SWISHA" Project

Creator(s): School House Museum

The School House Museum's presentation of "The SWISHA Project" leads the viewer through the 1940s construction by the Ontario Hydro Power Corporation of a major hydro electric power dam on the Ottawa River at Des Joachims (pronounced locally as 'D'Swisha'), Quebec, Canada. It includes life in the construction camps, the dislocation/relocation of communities up stream, the effect of the dam on the lumber industry on the river, the creation of the Hydro Colony at Rolphton, Ontario, life in the Colony, the dismantling of the Colony and relocation of its buildings.

The viewer can access details of the project in Ontario Hydro's 1948 Publication, "Des Joachims Generating Station, Ottawa River," and a month-by-month account of the dam's construction as detailed in the final edition of the Ontario Hydro Construction Division's publication, "DesJoachims News."

An account of the project, as seen through the eyes of freelance writer, Bruce McLeod, and published in the November 1950 issue of Maclean's magazine under the title, "The Biggest Dam' Dam I Ever See," brings a human touch for the viewer.

The presentation concludes with an acknowledgment of the sacrifice made by those who lost their lives during construction.

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