The Women of Bamfield

Creator(s): Bamfield Community School Association

Bamfield is a small, isolated village on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Much of the village's history has been told through the eyes and stories of men. This exhibit is an attempt to acknowledge the women who have lived in Bamfield over the years and whose stories don't always get told; the women who stayed at home while their men went out to fish; the women who ventured out, often in small clinker boats to fish; the women who had to maintain the light plants on their own, tipping up 45 gallon drums of fuel into the family generator so that heat and light could be maintained; the women who travelled by canoe or rowboat to visit family or to picnic in the islands. Wood had to be split; dinners had to be cooked on the wood fired stoves; women ran the local fishing co-ops and supply stores. The Red Cross Hospital Auxiliary; the United Church Women's Auxiliary; May Queen Celebrations; the Community Hall Society- these helped to provide social structure and camaraderie within the community and as such were important in the lives of these women.

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