Through the Looking Glass: One hundred years of Women's Groups in the Eastern Townships

Creator(s): Eastern Townships Resource Centre

This exhibition discusses the role and heritage of women's groups in the Eastern Townships, from the establishment of the first Women's Institute, in 1911, to the present day. The key aspect is the establishment of a link between present-day women's groups and organizations and the issues and group-dynamics that galvanized Townships women over the last hundred years. By demonstrating the remarkable continuity in focus and means of action demonstrated by local women's groups through time, the exhibition seeks to stimulate awareness of the effectiveness of collective action and a renewed sense of local identity.

Women's concerns about health and "wellness", education, work, poverty, identity, international relations and "world peace" are at the forefront of this exhibition. Important parallels can be drawn between women's concerns in the past and women's present-day concerns, as expressed by their participation in a variety of Townships organizations and the continuity in their community action.

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