Treasures of Every Day Life

Creator(s): Gaspesian British Heritage Village

The Gaspesian British Heritage Village features the type of simple family buildings which usually pass into oblivion. Twenty odd buildings were all moved to the site: saving them from unpleasant fates at the hands equally of demolishers and renovators.

Over the last twenty years these relics of European settlement on the Gaspé Coast have been stuffed with donations from the English speaking communities of the area. These gifts range from the rare and fascinating to a plethora of aluminum and plastic artifacts mass produced in the last three decades of the twentieth century.

This Community Stories exhibition is the first filtering of these objects - a fascinating harvest, and a testament to the uniqueness of the institution. Its primary 'collection' is one of buildings, and the preserved moments of everyday life which they represent. The objects that they are stuffed with are equally ephemeral in their reflections of advancing technology and economic well being.

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