Urban Wildlife

Creator(s): Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke

The exhibition Urban Wildlife - Neighbouring Animals, produced by the Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, is divided into three sections.

The section "Canadian Cities" presents the urban wildlife of the cities of the participating museums: Sherbrooke, Quebec; Vernon, British Columbia; Moncton, New Brunswick; and Regina, Saskatchewan. The goal is to highlight the diversity of animal species that live in our region and the particular problems in each of these cities.

The section "Neighbourhood Animals" includes 51 records on various urban species. Invertebrates and all classes of vertebrates is represented. Each record includes a photo of a specimen from the Museum's collection.

The section "Our Wild Neighbours" targets children specifically and comprise a downloadable passport and four games: a colouring game, a quiz, a logic game and a discovery game.

The loss of habitat through urbanization is forcing us to learn to respect animals as we develop our cities. The Museum hopes that this exhibition will help protect urban wildlife habitats through public awareness and education.

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