Vaughan Grayson: Adventures of an Artist in the Canadian Rockies

Creator(s): Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery

Though Moose Jaw-based artist Vaughan Grayson was a prairie girl from Saskatchewan, her soul belonged to the Okanagan. In her youth, Grayson studied acting at the Curry School of Expression in Boston and art education at Columbia University in New York City. Though she would make her living as an art educator, painting was her passion until she died at the age of 100.

Grayson found moderate success as an artist in her lifetime, especially submitting her work to the large, juried exhibitions organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery. In 1942, visitors to the 11th Annual British Columbia Exhibition voted her painting, Mount Rundle, to be the third most popular piece out of 133 works shown.This Community Memories exhibit combines elements of Grayson's biography, visual art and personal memoirs to paint a rounded picture of the life, work and thoughts of this important Moose Jaw artist.

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