Waters of life

Creator(s): Biophare

Lake Saint-Pierre was recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2000. Several of the territory's features led to this recognition, including the fact that this ecosystem is among the most studied by Canadian scientists. The virtual exhibition 'Waters of life', produced by the Biophare in collaboration with the 'Université de Montréal', focuses particularly on the fauna and flora of this significant fluvial lake.

'Waters of life' is most interested in the main characteristics of underwater life at the base of the food chain. The exhibition includes exclusive interviews with principal researchers working in Lake Saint-Pierre, as well as more than a hundred video clips providing an overview of the benthic and planktonic species present in the Lake. The project is organized according to the different masses of water and tributaries. There is also a section that focuses specifically on the formation of Lake Saint-Pierre itself.

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