Weyburn Mental Hospital

Creator(s): Soo Line Historical Museum

The Weyburn Mental Hospital opened in Saskatchewan in 1921 in response to a growing need for the treatment and housing of mentally ill people. While such a facility already existed in North Battleford, it was realized that a second institution was needed to meet the demands of the growing population. The hospital at Weyburn expanded to a capacity of 3,000 patients and staff during its first decade, but even still it was almost always over capacity. A number of treatment techniques - some unusual by today's standards - were pioneered there, putting the hospital on the cutting edge of mental health research during the late 1950s.

Through this exhibit, we will show you the construction of not only a building but also a way of life for many people. We will show you the inside of the hospital, its people, practices, and how it all became a community living on its own.

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