Welcome to Classroom Connections, the education component of Holman: Forty Years of Graphic Art. Please take a few minutes to read this page to find out how the site is organized and how you and your students can use it most effectively. The program is divided into nine content themes differentiated at three levels. Links to each theme are provided in the black navigation bar above.

Some themes may be suitable to older or younger students within the levels. For example, the Spatial Perception middle years theme may be better suited to ages 12-14 than to ages 10-12. The early and middle years themes are written to the teacher, while the senior+ themes are written to the student and include some suggested group activities that may require teacher facilitation. Each theme uses a selection of Holman prints as its starting point for inquiry, displaying a subgallery of relevant prints selected from the Holman: Forty Years of Graphic Art Web site main gallery, as well as other photos and images. The main curricular content areas addressed in Classroom Connections are art appreciation and social studies, but the suggested activities are designed to incorporate interdisciplinary, multi-modal aspects wherever possible.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery strives to engage people in the visual arts and to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Inuit. Therefore, the main educational goals used to design content are:

  • to stimulate interest in art and its communicative possibilities
  • to help students relate their own lives with those of people from another culture
  • to understand Inuit art in the context of Inuit culture as a reflection of beliefs, lifestyle and point of view
  • to appreciate that Inuit artists have a variety of individual points of view and artistic styles
  • to help students make connections between art and society.

As with any ready-made general instructional materials, Internet-based instruction may require some adjustment by the teacher to adapt the themes to their particular classrooms. Please feel free to use the suggested activities in any way that works best for you, keeping in mind the above goals. The Web site pages can be printed out for your use, with text appearing in black on a white background. To print Web site pages choose landscape format from your printer settings. To print pop-up windows press "control P" if you are using a PC or "command P" if you are using a MAC, and choose portrait format.

For best results when viewing video clips, ensure that your computer has the latest version of QuickTime (download at

The site can be used in a variety of ways both in and out of the classroom --- as a supplement, as an alternative textbook or in a computer lab at school. It includes activities to be explored both on and off the computer. Although the site is designed to be self-sustaining (we are unable to offer ongoing monitored online interactivity with The Winnipeg Art Gallery, such as chatrooms), it utilizes the information technology in several other ways:

  • Using Internet technology liberates the cultural assets of museums from exhibition spaces and vaults, and can thus bring the art and life of a remote northern Canadian community to the attention of the rest of the world.
  • Much of the background information required for Classroom Connections activities can be found by linking within other sections of the site, such as Life in Holman or Art-Making. We also provide many photos and video clips as well as a Glossary and a References/Further Research section. The References/Further Research section combines both print and Internet references, but the Internet links provided are meant to be used as suggested examples only. Although we will attempt to keep these links updated, the viability of the Internet resources listed is beyond our control. Therefore, it is best to think of them as one suggested resource.
  • Some interactive games are provided.
  • Learning activities often lend themselves to further types of telecomputing options such as the collection of information from the Internet, electronic publishing (e.g. posting student artwork or other projects on your school’s Web site), and collaborative learning with other classrooms.

For further information and examples of these types of options, please see:

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We hope you enjoy Holman: Forty Years of Graphic Art.
The Winnipeg Art Gallery staff

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