Preparing for Fishing

Two Eagles

Two Men Hunting a Bear

River Fishing

Preparing Skins

Children Playing Games at Daycare

Big Brother Pulling Sister on Bicycle

Winter and Summer Hunt (Ukiomilo Aoyamilo Angoniaktut)

The Shaman Seeks an Answer (Kilayok)

The Great Whirlpool (Kalaniyaaktok)


Land Mark of the North

The Right Dream (Hinnaktoktok)

Blind Boy


Pulling Up the Whales

Bear and Huntress

Shooting Ducks

Underwater Fishing

Untitled (Two People Dancing)

Don't Be So Noisy

Game in Snowhouse

Three Brothers Learning Together

Big and Small

Quarrel for a Seal

Caribou Run

Cold and Hungry

Drawing for Cold and Hungry

Playful Young Bulls

Two Friends Fishing


Tools of the North


It's Not Hard

Arctic Spirits

The Death Game

Greedy Giant


Supplies Brought At Last

My Ancestors Were Here

Bear Tracks

Shaman Dances to Northern Lights

Wolves and Caribou

Skin Covered Iglu

Fall Trek to the Sea Ice

Aya-ya (Song & Dance)

Ulukhaktok "Holman Bluff"

Fight for a Woman


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