All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

Credit Page

The Railway Coastal Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the development and creation of this exhibition for the Virtual Museum of Canada.
Project Staff
Rev. Barry King, Ph.D
Natural Choice Associates, Inc
Overall Project Manager, video editing and production
Rev. Sandy King, Ph.D
Natural Choice Associates, Inc
Graphics, Transcription, Editing
Nigel Cuthbertson
Web and Graphic Designer, Programmer
Francis Wiegers
Web and Graphic Designer, Programmer
Ute Simon Okshevsky, MA; MMST
Researcher, Writer, Project Manager
Anne Audet
A great number of individuals and organizations shared their expertise, experiences, personal views and images.
We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the board, staff and volunteers of the Railway Coastal Museum. Their time, knowledge, and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Gordon Barnes, Museum Manager who acted as the museum liaison and worked closely with the Natural Choice Associates, Inc. team. Also a special thanks goes to the following staff shared their knowledge and expertise.
Collier, Keith, formerly the Railway Costal Museum's Research and Communications Officer.
Gerard Murphy, Collections Manager, Railway Coastal Museum.
The following conducted interviews and shared their knowledge and expertise. Thank you.
Aiden Maloney: retired Managing Director with the J. Penney & Sons Company.
Charles Chaytor: retired NL Railway worker.
Doug Wells, Sunny Cottage, Harbour Breton.
Fabian Kennedy: retired Operations Manager with the NL Railway.
Grahan Hill: retired NL Railway train dispatcher.
Larry Hickey: retired from CN Marine Service.
Janet Story: retired nurse.
Melvin Piercey: retired NL Railway worker.
Rosalie Lombard: retired nurse.
Wayne Greenland: retired NL Railway worker.
A number of institutions assisted us by providing images, knowledge and expertise. Thank you.
Project Partners
Clarenville Historical Society, in particular Stephen Bonnell
Railway Society of Newfoundland
Botwood Heritage Society, in particular Everett Elliott
CN Pensioners Association, Newfoundland Chapter
Corner Brook Museum and Archives, in particular George French
Maritime History Archives, Memorial University
Provincial Museum, The Rooms, in particular Blair Withycombe, History Collections Manager
Provincial Archives, The Rooms.
Whitbourne Heritage Society, in particular Judy Gosse
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