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Janet Story - Dining on the Coastal Boats

Janet Story: Dining on the coastal boats

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In the sixties, when my older sister was living in Corner Brook, my younger sister and I used to travel out to Corner Brook visit and we took - we always engaged the drawing room on the express and that accommodated the two of us very comfortably. It would be completely private in there. We used to go to the dining room for meals and the dining room service - was - was first class. They had wonderful white linen, table cloth napkins, silver cutlery and the service, the waiters were impeccable - in their - in their white uniforms, and the service was extremely good and the meals were - were, everybody talked about the meals on the train, that they were so good. I don't know who the chef was but - there - there was salmon steaks, and there meat. Really - first classed - first class food and beautifully served, and the waiters were very attentive. - Was it - interestingly - there were no- there was no wine served on the train, so - if you wanted - if you wanted some alcohol you brought your own but that was no inconvenience in those days.