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Introductory Slideshow
Introductory Slideshow
View of  Harbour Breton, 1899.
Newman Premises, Harbour Breton. 1899. Doug Wells, Sunny Cottage, Harbour Breton, NL
100-class engine under steam.
The first nine "100 class" engines were built by Baldwin, 1898-1900, as the Reid Newfoundland Company took over operation of the entire system. H.J Russell Collection.
Railway Coastal Museum viewed from front.
The former St. John's Riverhead Station, opened in 1903, now houses the Railway Coastal Museum. Ute Simon, 2008.

All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway


Gordon Barnes welcomes visitors

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Welcome to the Railway Coastal Museum's Virtual Exhibit. The exhibit explores the fascinating story of Newfoundland's Railway Coastal Service which connected over a thousand little outports along 10,000 miles of coast. The construction of Newfoundland's narrow-gauge railway not only served the coastal communities but developed the interior of the Island of Newfoundland. Using text, images and a number of multi-media applications such as video, virtual tours, games and slideshows, the exhibit:

We hope you enjoy the dramatic and often colourful history of the Newfoundland Railway and its Coastal Service.