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Serving the Community

According to its mandate, the Pensioners' Association also involves itself in fundraising drives for causes that help to disseminate the awareness of the province's railroad history. They contributed to the cost of erecting the Monument at Whitbourne in memory of railroaders killed while on duty. The Memorial was erected in 1998.

The Association has several standing committees, such as an Entertainment Committee, which organizes special events like annual trips and dinners, and the House Committee, which looks after matters of the organization's space, membership and bookings of the available space. The Pensioners make their space available to special meetings of the Railway Coastal Museum and other worthy groups free of charge. The Archives Committee looks after the present collection of documents and images and the search for further materials. It is this material that helped greatly in the establishment of the Railway Employees' Database.

Attached to the CN Pensioners Association is a Women's Auxiliary group called "Spikes." This group has CN Pensioners spouses and other female family members as members. They have their own constitution and support the CN Pensioners Association in their events, by catering events and helping in fundraising drives.

Keeping in Touch

The members of the Association meet regularly every Wednesday in their club rooms to socialize, share news, have a cup of coffee together and work on any projects that might come along. Early in 2009, the Association received a gift of a model train, dated circa 1903, which was donated by the family of the late Gordon Winter, a former Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador. The train set had been left in Winter's basement for a long time and had accumulated some rust. Several of the pensioners are now busy restoring the train to its former glory for display.

Besides the Wednesday meetings, the pensioners also hold bi-weekly card games and monthly business meetings.

Preserving History

CN railway and marine pensioners have donated artefacts and photographs and helped promote the museum. They provide historical information and consultation and, most importantly, they contribute their time and experience to the museum as volunteers. Their experiences are one of the museum's most valuable resources. They can often be seen during special events and programs that the Museum organizes. These volunteers put a human face on the railway and coastal boat history that the Museum preserves. They share stories and anecdotes, answer questions, and make the museum visitors feel welcome and appreciated.

Railway employees' memorial located in Whitbourne.
This memorial plaque was erected on June 21, 1998 in Whitbourne in memory of all railroaders who had lost their lives in the line of duty during the railway era in the province. Ute Simon, 2008.
Railway Employee Database computer station at the Railway Coastal Museum.
The Railway Employee Database which will be featured in the Railway Coastal Museum is one of the projects the CN Pensioners are involved with. Railway Coastal Museum.
Model train on track.
Model train, c. 1903. CN Pensioners Association.
CN Pensioners in Railway Coastal Museum in front of reception desk, September 2007.
CN Pensioners helping out in the Railway Coastal Museum. CN Pensioners Collection.
Harold Piercey volunteering at the Museum, 2007.
Retired section man, Harold Piercey. CN Pensioners Collection.