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4 Iroquois Kings Visit London

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4 Iroquois kings visited England???
In the year 1710 four Iroquois Ambassadors visited England to meet with the Queen. Their visit captured the imagination of the people of England. Read about this very interesting visit, view paintings of these kings, and use your imagination to complete the assignment at the end.
Story: Four Kings and One Queen
Portrait Gallery of Canada
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Learning Object Collection: Four Kings and One Queen
Institution: RCIP-CHIN
The 4 kings
Here are some pictures of the 4 kings that were painted during their visit.
Portraits: The 'Four Indian Kings'
Portrait of Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row; Portrait of Etow Oh Koam; Portrait of Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row; Portrait of Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow. Each image includes painting and frame.
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Learning Object Collection: Four Kings and One Queen
Institution: RCIP-CHIN
More Images
For additional images of the 4 kings, click here: http://www.portraits.gc.ca/009001-2100.01-e.html
Choose ONE of the following assignments to complete:
Assignment #1 Child in England
Imgine you are a child living at the inn that the 4 kings are staying at. Write 4 diary entries of at least a paragraph each about these Interesting visitors to England.
- Remember to write the diary in First Person
- Try to imagine what your character would find interesting about these kings (dress, language, customs, etc)
Assignment #2 Play Write
In a group, (maximum 4 people), pretend you are a play writer, writing a play about one of the 4 kings. Write a short play about the four kings. You can imagine what their lives were like in North America (a place you've never visited!), or make a play about what their visit to London was like

- you will need to write and perform a play.
- You will need a number of different characters
- The play should be about their life in North America, or about their visit to England (remember they don't speak English and would need a translator, but at their home, they would probably speak quite well)
Assignment #3 One of the 4 Kings
Imagine you are one of the 4 kings. Create an oral story about your visit to England. You will need to explain how you arrived, what London was like, how the people treated you, what the Queen said to you, and the places you saw. (Remember what would seem normal to us would be very strange to then)
- The story should last about 1-2 minutes, and should be well rehearsed
- You will need to tell the story to your classmates

Learning Objectives

Recommended for Grades 5-6

Students will learn more about Canadian history and the relationship between the Iroquois and England by studying about the four kings visit to England in 1710, and to understand the complex and changing relationship between North America and the prevailing European superpowers of the day, specifically England and France.