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Canada's Foreign Drillers

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Lambton County Museums, GRAND BEND, Ontario

Learning Objectives

Identify some countries with which Canada has links.

Canadian petroleum products were well received in the global market as early as the 1850s. Read the information card, "Enniskillen Asphalt a Hit in Paris, France." Discuss the influence of the invention of asphalt on the world.

Canada’s Foreign Drillers visited far off lands, to a total of 87 nations.
Read the information card "The Canadian Drill Rig: A Canadian Invention Sent Around the World." These men and women travelled all around the world to help other nations discover, produce, refine and market oil.

Listen to the song “Letter from Java” located at


Brainstorm what the song tells us about the life of a foreign driller. What type of life did they live while away from home? Living a life filled with travel and discovery, what aspects of daily routine in Canada might be missed?

Examine the original postcard message included at


Assume that you are an individual who travels with the oil industry.
Print off the blank version of the postcard back printed immediately below, at the same location.

Using an approriate pen script, create a postcard home telling your family about your experiences in a new land. You may decide to describe the job of operating a steam powered drill rig for weeks on end, or tell about the discovery of an oil gusher. You may choose to write loved ones at home about how you survived a tropical storm or other hazards on the trip... not all foreign drillers survived the rigors of jungle and desert travel. Use all of the information that you have viewed in this lesson, including song lyrics, to describe your experience.
Be creative.