Building Montréal

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Building Montréal , created by Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaelogy and History, was made possible through the support offered by the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) Investment Program and in partnership with Creo Inc. and Sono design.

Production team

Logo Pointe-à-Callière

Executive Director : Francine Lelièvre

Project Director : Sophie Limoges

Project Manager : Christine Dufresne

An original idea of Jean-Guy Brossard and Alain Vandal



Producer : Caroline Julien

Project Manager : Mathieu Lampron

Graphic Designer : Charles-Emmanuel Ouellet

Programming : Jonathan Desjardins, René Lavoie, Nicolas Lee and Pierre Vandenberghe

Colouring and testing : Patrick Gleeson , Cynthia Gibeau and David Palardy

Script writer : Christine Tremblay and Mathieu Lampron

Writing and Research : Michelle Garceau , André Mercier and Élodie Polleto

Traduction : Peter Christensen

Text validation : Michelle Hébert

Logo Sono-Design

Sound Production

Project Manager: Sylvie Durand

Sound creation and musical composition : Gaetan Leboeuf

Acting Management : Diane Leboeuf

Voices : Eleonor Noble, Maude Desrosiers

Sound recording : Vincent Cardinal

Scientific validation

Christian Bélanger , Consultant at the Archeological Field School of the l'University of Montréal/Pointe-à-Callière

Jean Bélisle, Professor at Concordia University

Paul-André Linteau, Historian and Professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal

The Museum wishes to thank the the individuals, organizations and firms who kindly collaborated on this project:

André Dudemaine, Executive Director, Land InSights

Gilles Lauzon , Architectural Historian , Société de développement de


Georges Sioui, Professor at the University of Ottawa

Alan M. Stewart, Historian

Thanks to the students of Jean-Élie Lalonde teacher at the Centennial Regional School at Greenfield Park for their precious comments during the focus group

The Museum wishes to thank all its employees for their valuable assistance with this project


Pointe-à-Callière is subsidized by the City of Montréal .

Pointe-à-Callière, Museum of Archeology and History of Montréal gratefully acknoledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Publisher: Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Heritage Information Network

Creator: RCIP-CHIN

Date created: 2010-07-30 09:26:53

Date modified: 2011-07-06 11:19:09


Contributor(s): Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaelogy and History

Age Range:  

Grade 5: 9,10 years

Grade 6: 10,11 years

Grade 7 (secondaire 1): 11,12 years


  • Social Studies
    • History
    • Canadian History

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