Portraits of the participants: Linh Nguyen, Ming Siu, Ngam Cham, Kanokwon Davis, Thép Thavonsouk, Victor Mah, Wayne Chiu.


What does it take to move around the world and develop new roots?

Over the last 20 years, Calgary has become increasingly diverse as we welcome immigrants from around the world. But how often do we stop and think about the experiences that brought our new neighbours to Canada? What did it take to come to this distant land, to begin again and to adapt to a different language, culture and climate?

Meet seven Calgarians originally from Southeast Asia who chose Canada as their new home.

They came for many reasons: as refugees escaping war and persecution, for family reasons, for love, or for the educational or economic opportunities in Canada.

What they found here was freedom, equality, and opportunity.

Each person shares their story – how they left the land of their birth, the challenges they faced, and the new roots they have established in Canada. Each story is unique, but at the same time reflects the diversity of experiences for all new immigrants.

These individuals and their experiences also reflect broader issues and questions around a number of themes such as citizenship and identity, global citizenship and human rights.

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