Koluskap: Wolastoqewi-atkuhkakonol - Stories from Wolastoqiyik

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The Wolastoqiyik Executive Committee, the New Brunswick Museum, and E-Learning, New Brunswick Department of Education gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Canadian Heritage Information Network.

The partners:
Oromocto First Nation, Chief Roger Atwin
St. Mary's First Nation, Chief Arthur E. Bear and Chief Candice Paul
Kingsclear First Nation, Chief Robert Atwin
Woodstock First Nation, Chief Jeff Tomah
Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, Chief Brenda Commander
Tobique First Nation, Chief Stewart Paul
Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, Chief Joanna Bernard

Special thanks to the Wolastoqiyik Executive Committee:
John Keenan, Oromocto First Nation
Julie Collins, St. Mary’s First Nation
Phil Atwin, Kingsclear First Nation
Mark Polchies, Chair, Woodstock First Nation
Sharri Venno, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians
Stone Bear, Tobique First Nation
Richard Wallace, Madawaska First Nation

For the NBM:
Jane Fullerton, Director
Peter Larocque, Curator New Brunswick Cultural History & Art
Bruce Thomson, Project Manager
Cheryl McGinnis, Curatorial Assistant

E-Learning, New Brunswick Department of Education:
Sandra Mitchell
Kevin McCluskey

Lesson Plans:
Marie Perley, Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation), New Brunswick
Valerie Brooks, Sitansisk (St. Mary’s First Nation), New Brunswick
Catherine Decarie, Tantramar Regional High School, Sackville, New Brunswick
Gail Nicholas, Southern Victoria High School, Perth-Andover, New Brunswick
Derrick Sleep, Simonds High School, Saint John, New Brunswick
Lynn Wagg, Saint John High School, Saint John, New Brunswick
Maryanne Lewell, Saint John High School, Saint John, New Brunswick
Jeffrey Clark, Dalhousie Regional High School, Dalhousie, New Brunswick
Spencer Jeffrey, Sussex High School, Sussex, New Brunswick
Amanda Pottle, Cambridge-Narrows School, Cambridge-Narrows, New Brunswick
Dawn Lamb, E-learning Programs and Services, New Brunswick Department of Education, Fredericton, New Brunswick
New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, New Brunswick

Editorial Review:
Gwen Bear 
Imelda Perley 

Gwen Bear
Roseanne Clark with Mildred Paul

Gail Nicholas (Wolastoqiyik)
Optimum (French)

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Age Range:  

Grade 9 (secondaire 3): 13,14 years

Grade 10 (secondaire 4): 14,15 years

Grade 11 (secondaire 5): 15,16 years

Grade 12 (CEGEP): 16,17 years


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