A photo showing the National War Memorial with Parliament in the background.

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Today, the National War Memorial stands in Confederation Square in busy downtown Ottawa. It commemorates the more than 110,000 Canadians who have given their lives for their country during times of war. However, it was originally constructed as a memorial to Canadians who were killed during the First World War. Unveiled only a few months before the outbreak of the Second World War, the National War Memorial was first proposed by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. But King is one person among many who helped make the memorial a reality. This collection of photos and stories chronicles the origins of this iconic commemoration, from its inception to its unveiling.

This collection of learning objects was created by the National Capital Commission to support a lesson plan for an activity where students create a fake Facebook wall that tells the story of William Lyon Mackenzie King and the creation of the National War Memorial. This is part of the “Voices of the Capital” virtual exhibit.

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