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The definitions of art and science encompass broad expanses of knowledge stemming from hypotheses, methodologies, experimental protocols and discoveries. They share the territory of the creative process, and the figures of the video artist, historian, photographer, chemist, painter, biologist, activist and ecologist intersect, when they don't overlap.

Science in Art brings together documentation on works that originally existed in formal art venues and resulted from artists taking a specific position with respect to the world, in an effort to understand it.

The representation of time is a recurring theme in art, which employs a wide range of symbols to make it perceptible to us and to remind us of the futility of our brief stay on Earth. Time is one of the phenomena that fascinates all human beings, for it is the “element” in which we live and the one that defines us. We find our place within it by measuring its passage, reconstructing the past in stories and remembering important events. Since all stories, whether of individuals or communities, are written against the backdrop of time, it is a subject of interest to both artists and social scientists.

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