Helmet prop used in Videodrome.

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Various media are represented in TIFF’s David Cronenberg Collection, from text to visual materials, moving pictures, and sound recordings. These records provide a full range of representation of the production process, from script and development, to visual and design articulation, casting, shooting issues, post-production, marketing and publicity, distribution and press reviews, office correspondence, fan mail, and some documentation relating to David’s on-screen roles. The collection is particularly strong in three-dimensional objects: the helmet from Videodrome, the pod from The Fly, insect typewriters from Naked Lunch, the surgical instruments from Dead Ringers, game pods and insect creatures from eXistenZ, braces from Crash, and costumes from M. Butterfly being a few of the highlights. The records for Naked Lunch and Crash are extensive, and contain correspondence with Burroughs and Ballard.

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