Aerial photograph of the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago, 5 June 2004

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Lake Saint-Pierre was designated a biosphere reserve in 2000, as part of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme. This international recognition highlights the exceptional natural features of this ecosystem and the importance of implementing sound management practices in the region.

The Human Activities in the Lake Saint-Pierre Region-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow collection presents texts, photographs and artifacts taken from the virtual exhibit The Human Side of Lake Saint-Pierre. The collection introduces the key features of the region, and will enable you to compare a variety of activities in this territory as practised in the past and in the present day and assess the impact of human activities on the environment. It also presents various wildlife management project created to protect habitats, and shows how people have adapted to this unusual environment, which is greatly affected by spring flooding. Lastly, extracts from works by Quebec authors demonstrate how life in this region is an endless source of literary inspiration.

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