15-inch Refracting Telescope

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Athena’s Heirs: Exploring Four Centuries of Canadian Science and Medicine:


Content Coordinator / Editor: Suzanne Board

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Coordinator: Betsy Little
Research and writing: Paola Poletto
With collaboration from:
Irma Coucill, artist
Dr. J. Battista, scientific advice
Learning Science: William Osler: Innovator in Canadian Medical Education;
Doing Science: Atomic Medicine: Harold Johns and his "Cobalt Bomb";
Applying Science: Wilfred Bigelow

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Coordination, research and writing: Dr. Randall C. Brooks
Doing Science; Learning Science: John Polanyi

Musée de la civilisation
Coordinator: Sylvie Toupin
Content development, research and writing: Ana-Laura Baz
With collaboration from:
Dr. Claude Galarneau, scientific advice
Learning Science: A Quest for Knowledge: Science Education in the 19th Century www.mcq.org/english/index.html

Museum of Health Care at Kingston
Coordination, research and writing: Dr. James Low
Research and writing: David Kasserra
With collaboration from Queen's University:
Department of Medicine, Divisions of Cardiology and Nephrology
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Department of Pathology
Miller Museum of Geology and Mineralogy
Applying Science

Museum Studies Program, University of Toronto
Coordinator: Dr. Thierry Ruddel
Research and writing: Kim Svendsen
Learning Science: First Nations and European Medicine; Domestic Manuals and Women as Mediators of Health

Stewart Museum
Coordination, research and writing: Jean-François Gauvin
Learning Science: European Science; Science and Medicine in New France

University of Toronto Museum of Scientific Instruments
Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto
Coordination, research and writing: David Pantalony
Research and writing: Suzanne Board
With collaboration from:
Bernard Ziomkiewicz, Department of Physics, Queen's University
Dr. Montague Cohen, Rutherford Museum, McGill University
Ontario Science Centre
Learning Science: Instruments on Campus

University Health Network Artifact Collection
Coordinator: Kathryn Rumbold
Learning Science: Domestic Manuals and Women as Mediators of Health; William Osler
Applying Science: Heart Pacemakers; Hemodialysis

Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
Danielle Boily
Kim L. Gauvin
William Gooding
Céline Couture

Content Coordinator / Editor: Suzanne Board

Design and Production

Benoît Thouin, Tetracomm inc.
Translation Bureau, Public Works and Government Services Canada
Andrée Christensen, Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

Youth Employment Strategy / Young Canada Works
This exhibition was made possible by an internship component of the Department of Canadian Heritage's Young Canada Works program, which is part of the Federal Youth Employment Strategy.

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