Hanoi Research and Training Center for Community Development

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On the occasion of the Francophonie summit meeting being held in November 1997, in Hanoi, the Research and Training Center for Community Development (RTCCD), via the Internet, wishes to present some Vietnamese toys in the Francophonie virtual exhibition, In the Countries of the Francophonie, which is aimed at developing children’s knowledge of French-speaking societies and promoting friendship around the world.
Due to the tight schedule and limited funds for research and collection of material, not all types of Vietnamese toys available are presented. The toys exhibited here are only a few of the many toys which are and have been an enjoyable part of Vietnamese culture.

This learning collection is based on the Virtual Museum of Canada web site, In the Countries of the Francophonie. This site is devoted to the awareness of the various francophone cultures around the world in such places as Benin, France, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Vietnam. Thanks to the hard work of specific museums in each member country, you are invited to view an online collection of celebrated artifacts that embody their rich francophone heritage.

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