Staying in Tune

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Staying in Tune: Traditions and Musical Instruments of the Francophonie. From the ancient traditional instruments of the Mossi to the modern guitars of Quebec, music is the other language shared between the nations of the Francophonie.

Staying in Tune offers you a chance to find out about traditional instruments and learn what connects them to the people who invented them. Young people between the ages of 15 and 20 from nine French-speaking countries came together to share their memories and knowledge about instruments they selected from their cities’ museums.

The stories are organized into four categories using the Hornbostel and Sachs music classification system. This system includes all instruments of the world:

Idiophones: Instruments whose sound is produced by the material of the instrument itself which is stiff and elastic enough to vibrate without requiring a stretched membrane of strings belong to the family of idiophones. Cymbals and bells are good examples of such instruments.

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