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Art Gallery of Hamilton 

Tobi Bruce, Curator of Historical Art
Rebekah Hakkenberg, Curatorial Intern (Young Canada Works)
Karan Chrysler, Development Officer
Christine Braun, Registrar
Carole & Roy Timm of Wavelength, Digital Photography

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia  

Ray Cronin, Curator of Contemporary Art
Lucy MacDonald, Project Coordinator, Intern
(Young Canada Works)
Judy Dietz, Manager of Collections/Registrar
Troy Wagner, Assistant Registrar
Laurie Hamilton, Senior Conservator
Dale Sheppard, Educator
Andrew McLaren, Digitization of Slides

Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador
The Rooms 

Caroline Stone, Curator of Collections

Edmonton Art Gallery

Virginia Stephen, Former Executive Director
Pamela Clark, Collections Assistant
Marie-Louise Rydman, Independent Research Assistant

Irkutsk Regional Art Museum
named after V.P. Sukachev

Yelena Zubriy, Director
Anna Parfenenko, Assistant Director and Curator
Ludmila Snytko, Head of Russian Art, Exhibitions Department
Lidia Kantarchian, Head of Collection Records

Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke

Cécile Gélinas, Director
Suzanne Pressé, Curator
Hélène Cameron, Collections Archivist

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Yves Lacasse, Director of Collections and Research
Pierre L’Allier, Project Lead
Lise Nadeau, Collections Archivist
Phyllis Smith, Photography Officer
Patrick Altman, Photographer
Denis Legendre, Photographer
Louise Jobin, Legal Advisor

Museum of Nizhny Novgorod State University
named after N.I. Lobachevsky

Tamara Kovaleva, Director
Maxim Amelin, Head of the Internet Technology and Database Laboratory

Nizhny Novgorod Centre for Museums Development and Support
Igor Vladimirovich Kastosov, Executive Director

Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Art

Valentina Krivova, Director
Irina Mironova, Scientific Secretary, Art Critic

Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after M.A. Vrubel

Boris Konikov, Director
Irina Devyatiarova, Head of the Russian and Foreign Art Department, Curator of the Collection of Russian Paintings

Samara Art Museum
Anneta Bass, Director
Vladimir Vostrikov, Deputy Director on Development and Exhibition Work
Tatyana Petrova, Head of Scientific Exposition Department
Galina Ryabtchuk, Senior Research Officer

Smolensk State Museum-Reserve

Nadezhda Volosenkova, Director
Natalya Vostrikova, Deputy Director on Science
Igor Shkurlov, Head of the Museum Computerization Department

State Art Museum of Altayskiy Region

Inna Galkina, Director
Lyudmila Krasnotsvetova, Deputy Director for Science
Natalya Tsareva, Principal Modern Art Expert
Lyubov Sidorenko, Academic Secretary
Svetlana Myagkikh, Senior Researcher

State Tretyakov Gallery

Valentin Rodionov, General Director
Lidia Iovleva, First Deputy General Director for Scientific Work
Marina Elzesser, Deputy General Director for Scientific-Educational Work
Natalia Tolstaya, Senior Research Officer, Research & Projects Department
Tatyana Yudenkova, Senior Research Officer, Department of Paintings of the Second half of the 19th century
Lyubov Zakharenkova, Senior Research Officer, Department of Paintings of the Second half of the 19th century
Tatyana Levina, Senior Research Officer, Department of Paintings of the First half of the 20th century
Olga Yushkova, Senior Research Officer, Scientific-Methodological Department
Nikolai Masalin, Senior Research Officer, Scientific-Methodological Department
Sergei Belov, Deputy Chief, Department of Information Systems and Technologies

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Elaine Tolmatch, Project Lead
Jacques Des Rochers, Curator of Canadian Art
François-Marc Gagnon, Senior Writer and Consultant in Canadian Art
Raphaëlle Aubin, Project Coordinator and Research Assistant
Catherine O’Meara, Conservator
Danièle Archambault, Department Head of Archives
Natalie Vanier, Cataloguer
Marie-Claude Saia, Copyright Advisor
Francine Lavoie, Editor
Christine Guest, Photographer
Brian Merrett, Photographer


Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

Danielle Boily, Manager, Public Programs
Robyn Jeffrey, Project Officer
Nataliya Mitrofanova, Project Assistant (CSI Consulting)
Martin Lajoie, Internship Coordinator
With the participation of fellow staff members

Association for Documentation and Information Technologies in Museums (ADIT)

Natalya Kniazeva, Project Manager
Kiril Meerov, Technical Consultant

Jean-Pierre Labiau, Curator, Independent Consultant
Natalia Tolstaya, Co-Curator of Russian Content, State Tretyakov Gallery

Barbara J. Soren, Ph.D. Education, Independent Consultant

Andrée Christensen, Coordination, Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
Jean-Paul Partensky, Translator (English-French)
Ken Larose, Translator (French-English)
Alexandre Sadetsky and Tatiana Mogilevskaya, Translators (French-Russian / Russian-French)
Brigitte Bazoge, Translator (Project Documents, English-French)
Claire Breton-Pachla, Translator (Project Documents, English-French)
Natalia Tolstaya, Translator of Introductory Texts

Special thanks to the staff at Public Works and Government Services Canada, Conference Interpretation, particularly Carole Bélisle and Nikita Kiriloff, for their services throughout the project.


Canadian Embassy in Moscow

Mark Opgenorth, Second Secretary

Canadian Consulate General in St. Petersburg

Dr. Anna Biolik, Consul General
Lena Astafievea, Consular and PR Assistant

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada

Alexey D. Lisenkov, First Secretary

Round Out Associates Inc.
Jay Sonley, Producer


ecentricarts Inc.

Michel Blondeau, Producer
Catherine Baird, Creative Lead
Kevin Goodridge, Technical Lead
Sean Kozey, Technical Advisor
Gordon Lemon, Developer
Amber J. Lin, Developer (Young Canada Works)
Laurence Middleton, Developer
Michelle Simpson, Creative Production

Funding for the internship component of this project
provided by:
Human Resources and Development Canada

Publisher: Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Heritage Information Network

Creator: CHIN

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Date modified: 2010-05-20 08:39:10


Contributor(s): Art Gallery of Hamilton, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Rooms, Edmonton Art Gallery, Irkutsk Regional Art Museum, Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Museum of Nizhny Novgorod State University, Nizhny Novgorod Centre for Museums Development and Support, Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Art, Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Samara Art Museum, Smolensk State Museum-Reserve, State Art Museum of Altayskiy Region, State Tretyakov Gallery, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Age Range:  

Grade 8 (secondaire 2): 12,13 years

Grade 9 (secondaire 3): 13,14 years

Grade 10 (secondaire 4): 14,15 years

Grade 11 (secondaire 5): 15,16 years

Grade 12 (CEGEP): 16,17 years

1st yr. University (CEGEP): 17,18 years

2nd yr. University (université 1): 18,19 years

3rd yr. University (université 2): 19,20 years

4th yr. University (université 3): 20,21 years


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