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Printed Resources

Cupids Museum:

Cell, Gillian T. English Enterprise in Newfoundland 1577-1660; University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1969.

Cell, Gillian T. Newfoundland Discovered, English Attempts at Colonisation, 1610-1630; Hakluyt Society; London; 1982.

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Gilbert, William Finding Cupers Cove, Archaeological Excavations at Cupids 1995-1999; Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation; Carbonear; March 2000.

Doon Heritage Crossroads:

Mary-Jo Arn, ed., Fortunes stabilnes: Charles of Orleans’s English Book of Love: A Critical Edition. Binghamton, N.Y.: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1994.

Eric Jager, The Book of the Heart. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000.

St-Marys Museum:

Material for Nora Clench’s story is, at this time, unpublished. A body of research along with related artifacts and archival material can be consulted at the St. Marys Museum. This material has been mainly provided by Larry R. Pfaff, St. Marys/Toronto.

Eric Jager, The Book of the Heart. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000.

Information about the S. S. # 4, Blanshard where the children prepared the Valentine cards to exchange in 1926 can be found in two township histories:

  • The History of Blanshard in Review. St. Marys, 1951.
  • My Roots are in Blanshard. Stratford, 1989. ISBN 0-9694046-0-3

These two books are available from the Township of Perth South, R. R. 1, St. Pauls, Ontario, N0K 1V0.

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