1969 Official Languages Act of New Brunswick

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Senator Louis J. Robichaud served as Premier of New Brunswick from 1960 – 1970. During this time period he led dramatic changes to the rights of Canadians, in particular the rights of Acadians within New Brunswick. What took place in New Brunswick in those years was a metaphor for a revolution in Canadian rights and was part of a process that led to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in our Constitution. Convinced of his vision for New Brunswick, he was able to fight social injustice and inequality while changing the course of provincial history with the adoption of the Equal Opportunity program. Under his leadership, the Legislative Assembly passed official languages legislation, making New Brunswick the first and only officially bilingual province. Furthermore in 1967, under his guidance, the province passed the Human Rights Act and established the Human Rights Commission. A man with great vision, Senator Robichaud demonstrated, with his life, the perseverance and pride of the Acadian people, expressed in the words of the Ave Maria Stella:

Acadia, my homeland
My land and my challenge
From near and far, you hold onto me
My heart is Acadian
Acadia, my homeland
I live your history
I owe you my pride
I believe in your future.

My land and m

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