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This virtual exhibit was produced in the winter and spring of 2006 through the Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's. Project planning was done by Catherine Rice and Larry Dohey, research and writing by Allan Byrne, design by Consumerquest, and coding was done by Terry Sutton.

Financial assistance was provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Additionally, the site would not have been possible without the contributions of the following people:

  • Adam Freake and Paul Rice of Consumerquest
  • The Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese
  • The Archives of the Congregation of Christian Brothers (JB Darcy)
  • The Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland
  • Dr. John Fitzgerald
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Website
  • Pierre Chalifour
  • Ruth Heggtveit
  • The Virtual Museums of Canada (VMC) and The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
  • Denise Legge
  • Marie McKenzie
  • Adie Hayes

Publisher: Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Heritage Information Network

Creator: RCIP-CHIN

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Date modified: 2010-07-28 03:40:34

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Age Range:  

Grade 5: 9,10 years

Grade 6: 10,11 years

Grade 7 (secondaire 1): 11,12 years

Grade 8 (secondaire 2): 12,13 years

Grade 9 (secondaire 3): 13,14 years

Grade 10 (secondaire 4): 14,15 years

Grade 11 (secondaire 5): 15,16 years

Grade 12 (CEGEP): 16,17 years


  • Arts
    • Architecture
    • Fine Arts
    • Art History
  • Moral and Religious Study
    • Religious Studies
    • History of Religions

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