Illustration of two major challenges associated with the phenomenon of globalization: greenhouse gasses and world hunger.


Globalization can be seen as a symphony whose sections are sometimes in harmony and at other times, poorly orchestrated… So while the cost of transportation and communication makes an international division of labour possible, the way that goods are distributed among populations in need seems just as slow and difficult to accomplish as ever. Hunger continues to affect over 800 million people in the world, while a quarter of the world’s population enjoys four-fifths of the world’s wealth.

As for the impact that human activity has on ecosystems, the accords don’t seem to be easy to ratify… Despite a consensus involving 38 countries, the Kyoto Protocol still hasn’t been signed by the United States, Australia, Croatia, Monaco, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Brazil.

This collection presents two different learning objects. Off-key notes: greenhouse gasses, the first object consists of an animation illustrating the process by which these gasses influence our climate. The second learning object, Symphony of hunger and need, is an interactive activity allowing the student to build and print out a geographical map showing the countries where people suffer from hunger, along with their basic foods.

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