Cutting Slabs on Buzz Saw


Coastal British Columbia has a unique, complex and significant forest industry. This museum learning space examines the coastal B.C. forest industry at both the regional and global level. It is primarily aimed at grade 11 and 12 students and teachers in British Columbia, but can be used by a wider audience. Seven vignettes explore what is unique to the coastal forest industry, historically and today, organizations provincially and globally that affect the industry, and critical influences such as the environment, economy and timber markets.

Globally, the coastal forest industry is placed in context by vignettes on sustainable forestry, climate and forestry, and the governance of timber markets. The histories of the forest industry and forest practices are explored in vignettes on early history and evolution of extraction technologies. Finally, the public’s role in forestry and land-use are examined.

Each vignette is complemented or enhanced by an activity, photograph or personal interview. Learning objectives, a bibliography and two classroom activities are provided for teachers.

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