Ten families that told their stories about food heritage.

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We certainly eat for nourishment. But we also eat for pleasure: to enjoy flavours, good company and dishes that bring us together and reflect who we are. Through food, we revive family recipes and local traditions and discover new trends and tastes from other cultures.

The Sharing the Meal! exhibition explores what you and those around you are serving to help you discover new foods, recipes, terroirs and customs. From Lac-Saint-Jean tourtière to takeout sushi, from Aboriginal influences to the contributions of immigrants, from festive meals to fast food, Sharing the Meal! delves deliciously into our food heritage and our very identity.

Our exhibition is also yours, since you’ve been invited by ten families to eat at their tables. Make it an even richer experience by adding your grain of salt and telling your story. We want to know what it’s like to eat with you!

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