Downtown Vancouver, from W 8th Ave & Alder St. A larger version of this image can be viewed in Shifting Skyline.

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The city of Vancouver is growing and changing rapidly.  Increasing land value, growing population and preparations for the 2010 Olympics top the list of reasons for the dramatic changes.  Science World British Columbia, situated in the heart of the city, provides an ideal vantage point from which to observe and analyse the metamorphosis.

Use this collection of learning objects to explore our dynamic landscape and challenge your fundamental science skills to observe, question, infer and predict the sustainability and potential impact of this rapid growth.

Time Lapse is dynamic content. Come back regularly to collect more data!

Developing Story is designed to give the development of the city around us a scientific perspective and provoke discussion about the rapid growth of Vancouver. What is the vision for the development of False Creek? How does this vision differ from the vision we had for it in the past? Do you think Vancouver is a sustainable city? Has it always been? Will it ever be?

These are questions we hope you explore with your friends, family, classmates and students.

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