Lake of Jade, Mount Revelstoke

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This learning collection entitled "Silkscreen Compendium - Vaughan Grayson: A Woman Artist in the Canadian Rockies" covers the topic of silkscreen printmaking and the work of a prominent Moose Jaw woman artist, Vaughan Grayson. Our objective in making this information available on the Internet is that educators and students will use the information about this artist to gain an understanding about the contributions of the arts and artist to societies and cultures, past and present. They will also: specifically be able to describe, analyze and interpret art prints and use the appropriate vocabulary; understand the elements of art making and the principles of design; and, value the contribution that sketching can make to the art making process. They will also understand that the choice of media and technique in itself affects the content of the artwork. We have designed the information on the site so that the audience for this information will be able to experience, learn about, and employ the procedures and techniques involved in making a silkscreen print. In addition, the information should assist students in better understanding health and safety hazards in visual art materials, assist students to collect a portfolio of their work, and to present and discuss the students' own works in a professional manner.

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