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Over the past two centuries, our ways of building and living have continued to evolve. A house reflects the changing lifestyle of its residents and the breathtaking rhythm of technological advancement.

The intermittence of economic booms and crises mark the transformation over time of a residential area. Immigration, industrialisation, and urbanisation influence its evolution. Modern materials, new techniques, ideas from abroad all come together and give our architecture a personality that reflects a society in full growth.

Houses tell the story of the people who built and then transformed them. They reflect their era and express their regional and cultural distinctiveness. Looking at house fronts, an attentive eye can identify construction details and the passage of time. Houses are more than a refuge and shelter; they are also a fixed reference point. They reveal the tastes and needs of those who lived in them and the architectural trends that shaped our neighbourhoods, cities and landscapes. This exhibit will help you discover how houses have changed in Eastern Canada, and about current issues surrounding the preservation of our housing heritage.

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