Activity 1: The Canadian Brand

Format: Research, Group discussion

Familiarize yourself with the advertisements in the In Search of the Canadian Car virtual exhibition’s gallery. As you are browsing, list images and ideas that are used to appeal to Canadians. Examples might include:

• the location of the ad (in the wilderness, in a specific Canadian city)

• the depiction of a ‘Canadian’ pastime

• the name of a car model

• icons and logos associated with the car

As a class, examine and discuss three to five advertisements, each containing different imagery and ideas.

• What do the ads convey about Canada?

• To what degree do these messages reflect realities about Canadian life and identity?

• How does each advertisement try to appeal to Canadian identity?

Working on your own, select a household item and ‘re-brand’ it as Canadian. Draw from the concepts and imagery discussed in class. Pitch your Canadian product to the class.
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