Boat building was a booming industry in the 1900s.

"When the cedar grew, the Haida had thousands of years to develop their boat building skills. Europeans adapted many techniques and styles of the native sea crafts.

"One of the good things about boat building was that Haida builders could get everything here. They got hemlock for the heel, yellow cedar for the ribs and planking. The stern was made out of natural crooks for strength, and jack pine was used for the deck."
-John Bennett

So many boats were built on Haida Gwaii that they became known as "The Haida Fleet." These white boats were made with pride by skilled craftsmen. The plentiful catches which were brought home in their holds also brought pride to Haida fishermen.

Haida fishermen today believe their fathers and grandfathers were so successful at fishing because family members pulled together to pay for the building of boats, and because they fished together as a family once a boat was launched.
The Haida Gwaii Community

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