Recently, the Haida have once again put their ocean experience to work for them in exploring new technologies.

In one such initiative, the Old Massett Village Council entered a joint venture agreement with Six Nations Geo Systems of Six Nations reserve in Ontario. Their shared objective is marketing, training and management of the state-of-the-art Eagle’s Cry Land Research Information System. This Geographical Information System (GIS) will be exploited for its underwater contour mapping, and other research applications. The joint venture partners have agreed to share revenues from system sales and training in the Asian Pacific (including Malaysia, Japan, China, the Philippines and New Zealand), as well as in British Columbia and Alaska.

Haida fishermen remain skeptical about the future of fishing for a living. There is an increase of fishing vessels off the Northwest coast shores chasing smaller fish stocks. A large number of sports fishing companies on Haida Gwaii are competing with the commercial fishermen for access to the salmon. Haida fishermen are also concerned about the vast amount of logging in old-growth forests and the resulting decimation of spawning beds and rivers.

The future of commercial and food fishing for the Haidas is as unsure as a stormy day at sea.
The Haida Gwaii Community

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