The Henry Morgan & Co. Department Store

his luxurious building was erected in 1891 on St Catherine Street to house the Henry Morgan & Co. department store .

Established in 1850, Henry Morgan & Co. has long been viewed as a leader among Montreal's major stores, especially because it was constantly experimenting with new ways to do retail business. In 1872, for instance, Morgan's was the first department store in Montreal to display wares in its windows, and in 1874 became the first store in Canada to set up a division by departments .

In 1891, Henry Morgan & Co. was also the first major store to move up to St Catherine Street, from its St James Street location. Several Montreal businessmen considered the move at first to be a catastrophic decision, as well as an objectionable invasion of what was then an elegant residential district . But many businesses were soon to make a similar relocation and St Catherine Street became at the beginning of the XXth century the city's most important commercial thoroughfare. .
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